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ECC - Encore Cosy Compiler

The EnCore C Compiler (or ECC) for our ARC compatible EnCore processor has been developed from scratch using the CoSy compiler construction toolkit. It serves as a research vehicle enabling us to prototype and evaluate various code transformations improving code size and energy efficiency whilst at the same time providing us with an industrial-strength compilation environment equipped with a large set of performance enhancing optimisation engines.

Among the features of the CoSy based EnCore C compiler are:

  • Floating-point support. The compiler uses software emulation for floating-point operations.
  • Mixed mode code generation. ARCompact 16bit instructions are intermixed with 32bit instructions. This results in higher code density (= smaller memory footprint) and better instruction cache behaviour (= higher performance and less energy).
  • Zero-overhead loops. Hardware loops support efficient 'for' loop implementation and are generated wherever possible.
  • Low-power/low-energy code optimisations. A set of code transformations aims at reducing the dynamic power consumption of our ultra-low power EnCore processor even further without introducing any performance penalty or relying on specific hardware support.