AMI Corpus Participant IDs Explained

Participant IDs in the AMI Meeting corpus take the form: [MF][IET][EDO][0-9][0-9][0-9]

A limited number of Participant IDS also have a further 2-3 letters at the end. Examples of participant IDs are MIO016; FEE088; MTD012ME.
First Letter: gender
Must be either M or F
Second Letter: location
Must be either I, E or T for the location in which the participant was recorded. These stand for Idiap, Switzerland; University of Edinburgh, UK; TNO, Holland
Third Letter: Native Language
Either E, D or O for English, Dutch or Other
Three numbers chosen to make a unique identifier
For TNO meetings the role of the participant in the scenario meeting is normally appended to the Participant ID where PM, ID, ME and UID stand for Project Manager, Industrial Designer, Marketing Expert and User Interface Designer respectively.

Note that further information was collected about the participants in a questionnaire regarding language skills. That information is available when you download the NXT-format information as corpusResources/participants.xml.  If the native language is marked as English, the english_language element can have a region attribute stating which country / region the English native speaker has mainly lived in. If the native language is not English, the english_language element may have two attributes: country and months which hole the name of an English-speaking country and the number of months the person has been resident. If neither are present the assumption is the participant has not lived in an English-speaking country.

There is also information mapping channel and camera numbers to these participants (and their roles for scenario meetings) in meetings.xml.