AMI Corpus Meeting IDs Explained

How to read AMI meeting IDs, plus a list of ids used in the corpus.

IDs take the form [IETB][SNB][1-5][0-9][0-9][0-9][a-z]

The complete set of meeting ids used is below:

ES2002-ES2016 a-d; EN2001a-e; EN2002a-d; EN2003a; EN2004a; EN2005a; EN2006a-b; EN2009b-d; IB4001; IB4002; IB4003; IB4004; IB4005; IB4010; IB4011; IS1001-IS1009 a-d EXCEPT IS1002a, IS1005d; IN1001; IN1002; IN1005; IN1007; IN1008; IN1009; IN1012; IN1013; IN1014; IN1016; TS3003 - TS3012 a-d.