Postdoc position

We are always looking for good postdoc candidates to work with us in computer vision and machine learning projects. Please e-mail Dr Bilen your CV with the full publication list with the title [Prospective Postdoc].

PhD position

Currently we do not have any open PhD positions for 2021. For 2022, School of Informatics offer multiple phd scholarships available in the intersection of (1) computer vision and machine learning (2) computer vision and natural language processing (e.g. image captioning and visual question answering) and (3) computer vision and biology (various transfer, domain learning problems in microscopy images) and (4) computer vision and robotics (e.g. human action classification, pose estimation and object detection). If you are interested in any of these, please send Dr Bilen a copy of your CV and a paragraph explaining about why you are a good candidate for the position. If you are a non UK candidate, please get in touch with Dr Bilen.


We receive an overwhelming amount of emails from prospective students for PhD, MSc. We are sorry if we have not been able to respond to your email. Here is a FAQ that may help you to find answers:

  • Do you accept new students? Yes, we are always looking for good students. However, our group does not have any funding for studentships at the moment.

  • How can I apply for a funding / scholarship? You can find a guideline here for the Informatics scholarships. Please do not forget ticking both IGPS and EGRS scholarship on the application form. Alternatively you can apply to one of the centres for doctoral training (CDT), Data Science, Robotics, BioMedical-AI, NLP .

  • Funding for Chinese students UoE doesn’t automatically do fee waivers for CSC like some other institutions. However, you can still apply for the full CSC option which covers both fees+expenses. Or you can just apply for the regular CSC option and apply to the UoE PhD scholarships. Then if you manage to win at least a partial (fees) scholarship from UoE, it can be combined with the CSC expenses scholarship. And if you win the full scholarship from UoE, you don’t need the CSC scholarship. To apply for UoE scholarship, you should complete the application before 1st Feb and makes sure to tick both IGPS and EGRS scholarship on the form. You have a very strong profile so there is a decent chance for one of those scholarships.

  • What kind of topics can I work on my PhD? We are open to take on students for a wide range of topics in the intersection of computer vision, machine learning and deep learning (see my recent publications to get a sense of what we are currently interested in).

  • Can I be co-supervised? Yes it is quite common in the School of Informatics. Most PhD students do some collaborative work with other professors.

  • I have decided to apply to one of these programs and I’d like to contact you. Please e-mail Dr Bilen with the title [Prospective Student].

  • Do you accept visiting PhD students or postdocs? Yes, we accept exceptional scholars who have strong publication record in top CV and ML conferences (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, NIPS and ICML). If you are interested in visiting us, please send us a description of your research and your publication list.