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An Integrative Neuroscience Program Linking Mouse Genes to Cognition and Disease

Figure 1.  Overview of organizational layers.


The four main layers of the Genes to Cognition Program (G2C) are shown as flat planes. The entry point to the program is primarily via Layer 1 (see Figure2 for detail). In Layer 1, a set of genes is defined according to various criteria and driven by basic neuroscience studies. In Layer 2 (see Figure3 for detail), the genes in Layer 1 are used in human genotyping assays to seek putative functional variants. These variants are examined in biological assays in Layer 3 (see Figure4 for detail). Underpinning and central to the integration of the data in all layers is bioinformatic tools (Layer 4). This information is transferred between layers and is used to modify the experiments as the G2C develops. The arrows indicate the simplest flow of information between layers.


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