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WebExp Tutorials

Two WebExp users have kindly provided a tutorials on using the software:

Florian Jaeger's Tutorial: Creating Linguistic Experiments with WebExp
Laura Kertz's Tutorials: Setting up an Experiment Using WebExp

Experimental methodology

The following links provide some useful guidance on the motivation and implementation of balanced experimental designs:

Within-subjects & Between-subjects designs
Latin Squares


WebExp is designed to work with recent versions of Java (1.5.0_11 or above) or above). You will need a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) from (also known as Java 2 or J2SE or J2EE). If you are an experimenter wishing to run WebExp, you will need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment). If you want to extend the system, you will need a SDK (Software Development Kit). Participants in your experiment will probably have a suitable JVM in their browser; if not they will need the Java Plugin, which comes in the JRE.

Java 2 download
Java Plugin download

XML Markup

These pages provide tutorial-based introductions to some of the XML standards:

XML - the eXtensible Markup Language
XML Schema - XML-based alternative to DTD, for describing the structure of an XML document

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