Academic Staff

Dr. Hakan Bilen

Hakan's research focuses on computer vision and machine learning with a emphasis on weakly/unsupervised learning, multi-task/domain/modality learning, and 3D understanding.

Dr. Elliot Crowley

Elliot’s research interests include efficient machine learning, neural architecture search, and weakly supervised learning in the context of computer vision.

Prof. Robert Fisher

Bob's research interests include topics such as 3D acquisition, cognitive vision, model based object recognition, video sequence analysis, and 3D scene understanding, among others.

Dr. Henry Gouk

Henry's research focuses on using theoretically-grounded machine learning to train, understand, and reliably leverage foundation models.

Prof. Timothy Hospedales

Tim's research focuses on data-efficient and robust machine learning using techniques such as meta-learning and lifelong transfer-learning, in both probabilistic and deep learning contexts.

Dr. ‪Changjian Li

‪Changjian's research explores topics in 3D shape creation and analysis, sketch-based modeling, shape reconstruction, and medical image processing and modeling.

Dr. ‪Oisin Mac Aodha

Oisin's current research interests are in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, fine-grained learning, shape understanding, self-supervised learning, and human-in-the-loop methods.

Dr. ‪Steven McDonagh

Steven's research interests are in the areas of computer vision and machine learning with recent directions that include unsupervised learning, multi-modal models, and meta-learning, among others.

Dr. ‪Laura Sevilla-Lara‬

Laura's research focuses on motion in the visual world and includes topics such as motion estimation, temporal representation learning, action recognition, and video understanding.