About AnalyseIt


AnalyseIt software package was created as a part of honours degree in Edinburgh University. It is a logical continuation of another project completed in Edinburgh University - WebExp2.

WebExp2 is a set of Java classes for conducting psychological experiments over the World Wide Web. Conducting experiments over the web has a number of advantages:

  • Automated administration
  • Large pool of potential subjects
  • Variety and multiplicity of results

- WebExp2 website


The purpose of the software is to allow users of WebExp2 easily process and analyse results they get from WebExp2. Usually users of WebExp2 had to ask a coder to create a special script to extract useful infromation from XML results file. With the help of AnalyseIt there's no more such restriction. Users can directly load results into AnalyseIt and manipulate them in an easy way (e.g. filter results, visualize them, export for further use).

Origin of the logo :)

Multicoloured circle represents variety of opinions and 2 rulers represent a try to measure and analyse all of them.