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Welcome to OpenWorm's Omega turn survey

Omega turns are a characteristic behaviour of C. elegans that have been extensively studied from many perspectives. Traditionally these events are scored manually, which is inherently variable. Recently, automated methods took over this job, but different publications have used different methods for detecting Omega turns.

We are interested in the consistency of the different expert annotations with each other and with the various Omega detection algorithms that are used in the literature. In the following task you will see clips of worm behaviour and we will ask you whether you think it was on Omega turn or not. That is all. The survey takes about 5 mins.

Below we ask for a minimal amount of information about you. Note that the data is strictly for research purposes and will not be shared with anyone and personally you will not be identifiable from anything that we publish.

Please use the format: PI's name/University.
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For this project data was used from the C. elegans behavioural database (Yemini et al. Nature methods 10.9 (2013): 877-879.)

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