Workshop on Language Play and Computers

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UPDATE (29-Sep-06): Thank you to all the participants and speakers involved with the workshop. We hope you found it as interesting and enjoyable as we did. The presentation slides are available for download from the programme page.


The STANDUP Project is hosting a 2-day Workshop on Language Play and Computers at the University of Dundee, on the 25th and 26th August 2006.

Encouraging children to play with language is a potentially rich way of promoting the development of language and communication skills. This workshop presents a variety of recent research into developing software which gives children the opportunity for language play through interaction with a computer. There will also be time for hands-on experience of some examples of this type of software, under the supervision of its designers.

There will be talks by researchers who have developed language play software, including the local creators of the STANDUP program which allows children to create their own puns.

The event is aimed both at practitioners in education, including teachers and speech/language therapists, and at researchers in education, language, humour, and (especially) combinations of these. It is possible to attend either Day 1 or Day 2 or both.

Early registration is recommended as places are limited to 50 participants per day. There is no fee for attendance. Those wishing to attend should complete and send in the registration form.

A small number of participants may apply for a contribution from the Workshop towards their travelling and accommodation expenses for attending the event. Preference in the award of this subsidy will be given to therapists and teachers, as funding is limited. Application for this support should be made on the registration form.

One-page summary leaflet (PDF file, 58Kb): for printing and distributing.

The STANDUP project, a collaboration between the University of Dundee, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Aberdeen, is supported by grants GR/S15402/01 and GR/R83217/01 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, who also provided the financial support for the Workshop.