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ReQueST : Resource Quantification in eScience Technologies


This project has now completed (31st January 2009).

The ReQueST project aims to develop methods, invent algorithms, and engineer software to equip each request for a Grid service with an irrefutable and accurate certificate which specifies the quantity and type of resources which will be consumed if the request is serviced. The intention is to build on our existing work on proof-carrying code for resource bounds in the MRG project, as well as our concurrent work on mobile code and security as a partner in the Europe wide Mobius project. This is an ambitious goal which will require considerable new research as well as adaptation and extension of what already exists.

The ReQueST project is funded by EPSRC as grant reference EP/C537068/1. It forms part of the Mobility and Security Group in the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.




Edinburgh Informatics users can look at our project wiki.