NXT Interfaces

This is a collection of screendumps of tools that we and others have built using NXT's GUI components. All have been used for actual display and / or coding tasks. Click for larger pictures.

AMI Corpus

Dialogue act coder (AMI Corpus)
Named entity coder (AMI Corpus)

Switchboard Corpus

Dialogue act coder
Markable coder

The TESLA Tool and the PURSUIT corpus

Annotation of geospatial corpora using NXT. See:

Search results display in TESLA

Genesis (Matthew Anstey) Corpus

On-line Old Testament courtesy of Matthew Anstey, Charles Sturt University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Generic corpus display with search
Generic corpus display with search (older screenshot)

Diagrams Corpus

Stanford students negotiating the best way to evacuate a campus

Referring expression coder
Referring expression coder (old version)

ICSI Corpus

Named entity coder
Dialogue act coder
Extractive summary coder
Topic coder

Assorted Tools and Corpora

Time aligned corpus display (Monitor corpus)
Gaze annotation (m4 corpus)
Named entity coder (SEER Corpus)
Utterance coder (CrAg corpus)
Continuous video labeller (can be used on any corpus)
Replay display (BEE-2004 corpus)