assignment1 screenshot

A photo viewer

For this assignment, you will be working with an application which displays images of the Munros.

These are the 282 highest mountain tops in Scotland and are named after Sir Hugh Munro who first catalogued them. You can see the full list and hear the pronunciation of the Gaelic names on the Walk Highlands web page.

The aim is to give you some feel for writing a “real” application in Java: you will be writing code which works with a supplied library to fetch images from various remote sites and display them in a graphical user interface using the JavaFx toolkit.

Assignment files

These are the files for the first assignment. You should start by downloading and reading the assignment sheet. The zip file contains the starter code, and the Javadoc contains documentation for the supplied classes.

The images of the Munros available from the IPPOService are shown here.

Submitting your assignment

You should submit your assignment before the deadline shown in the schedule using the online submission form. We will be giving feedback, and demonstrating solutions immediately after the submission date, so extensions and late submissions will not be accepted for this course.