Lecture Recordings

The lecture recordings are available under the course name "Introduction to Java Programming (2018-2019)[SV1-SEM1]" which should appear in your page for the University's Learn system. Note that this is the "on campus" version of the course - all students should be able to access this (even distance students) and the videos are only available under this course code. Direct links to the videos do not work reliably.

I'm sorry this has to be so awkward.

Assignment1 videos

Assignment2 videos (JavaFx)

(Code is available for the examples: JavaFxDemos.zip)

There are also some very good JavaFx videos online, including this introduction:

IJP videos

These videos by Sean Hammond are rather old and refer to the (old) 4th edition of the book. I have been considering removing these, so I would be interested to know whether you find them useful or not - please do email me and let me know when you think.

  1. Objects and classes

  2. Understanding class definitions

  3. Object interaction

  4. Grouping objects

  5. More sophisticated behaviour

  6. Well-behaved objects

  7. Designing classes

  8. Improving structure with inheritance

  9. More about inheritance

  10. Further abstraction techniques

  11. Handling errors

BlueJ videos

The authors of the BlueJ textbook have recorded a video to accompany each chapter of the book: