edition 6 book cover

Objects First with Java

IJP closely follows the book: Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction using BlueJ ("The BlueJ book").

This course is based on the sixth edition:

David J. Barnes & Michael K├Âlling
Objects First with Java
A Practical Introduction using BlueJ
Sixth Edition, Pearson, 2016

ISBN (US edition): 978-013-447736-7
ISBN (Global Edition): 978-1-292-15904-1

Earlier editions of the book are not recommended because the chapter references will be different.

Obtaining the Textbook

It is strongly recommended that you buy your own copy of the textbook. The University library has a couple of copies for inspection, but these are likely to be an older edition, and not intended for long-term loan during the course.

The (paper) textbook is widely available for sale online, and from Blackwell's in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, the publisher tells us that (legal) digital copies are not avaiable. If you are not based in the UK, be aware that it may take a while to oder.

Textbook Chapters

The schedule shows the textbook chapters which we recommend that you study for each week of the course. Students on this course have a very wide range of previous experience, so this is only a guide - some students will move more quickly than others through some chapters. However, you should not slip significantly behind this schedule, otherwise you will have difficulty with the assignments.

Chapter 5 covers more advanced functional techniques which you may not want to cover in depth if you do not have much previous programming experience.

Chapter 13 covers graphical interfaces. You may like to skim this, but we are not using the toolkit described here, so this is not particularly relevant - we are using JavaFx instead.