A complete application

For the second assignment, you will develop a complete application from scratch. In addition to the skills that you developed in the first assignment, this will give you some experience with designing object-oriented solutions, and graphical user interfaces.

Assignment files

These are files for the second assignment. You should start by downloading and reading the assignment sheet.

Submitting your assignment

This assignment must be submitted in two parts:

  1. The design document must be submitted here before the first deadline shown in the schedule.

  2. The remainder of the assignment must be submitted here before the second deadline shown in the schedule.

Note that we will be sharing information on the submissions immediately after the submission dates, so extensions and late submissions will not be accepted for this course.

Marks and feedback

We aim to provide marks and feedback within two weeks of the demonstrations. This will include some short written comments on any significant issues which affected your mark, and a link to more general feedback on the assignment.