Abstracts of HCRC Workshop Proceedings

John Lee, ed.:
First International Workshop on Intelligence and Multimodality in Multimedia Interfaces: Research and Applications
IMMI-1 is an International Workshop intended to promote concern with the issues of communication in multimedia. We hear much about how multimedia will transform our lives, but a good deal of the literature is restricted to issues of networking, data compression etc. The objective of IMMI-1 is to examine at a higher level how more useful ways can be found to present information, using the facilities multimedia makes available; how multimedia authoring can be given more intelligent assistance; how interaction and dialogue can be improved for users; what cognitive factors underlie effective use of multimedia; and how information can be transformed for presentation using different media in different contexts and for different purposes.
(July 1995)
Ref. No. HCRC/IMMI-1 Price: UKL 10.00

Bernard Jones, ed.:
ACL/Sigparse International Meeting on Punctuation in Computational Linguistics.
This is the proceedings of the workshop on Punctuation in Computational Linguistics, held at the ACL Conference in June 1996 at Santa Cruz. It contains the following papers:

The Syntax and Semantics of Punctuation and its Use in Interpretation Ted Briscoe
Punctuation in Quoted Speech Christine Doran
Layout and Language: Lists and Tables in Technical Documents Shona Douglas and Matthew Hurst
Punctuation in the Bravice English-to-Japanese Machine Translation System Jan Fornell
The Role of Punctuation in Disambiguation of Coordinate Compounds Young-Gie Min
Semantic and Layout Properties of Text Punctuation Elsa Pascual and Jacques Virbel
Information-Based Aspects of Punctuation Bilge Say and Varol Akman
A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Parsing Peh Li Shiuan and Christopher Ting Hian Ann
Considerations on Parsing a Poorly Punctuated Text in French Marthe Simard

(September 1996)
Ref. No. HCRC/WP-2 Price: UKL ??.??