Database Group

This page lists the current members of the Database Group. Hover on a member's avatar to see their research interests.

Academic Staff

Peter Buneman  (Professor)

Databases: semistructured data, XML, data provenance, programming language interfaces, query languages, data models, knowledge bases, database semantics, user interfaces, distributed databases, database monitoring.

Programming languages: database interfaces, applicative and functional languages, type systems, implementation techniques, semantics.

General: mathematical phylogeny, neural models, cognitive science, data structures, graph theory, combinatorics, applications of computers in the humanities.

Wenfei Fan  (Professor)

Database theory and systems.

Leonid Libkin  (Professor)

Databases: query languages; relational, XML, and graph data; constraints and design; data integration and exchange; incomplete information.

Other topics: Logic in computer science, finite model theory, automata theory.

In the past: lattice theory, with some applications to programming semantics.

Paolo Guagliardo  (Lecturer)

Database theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on making theoretical results applicable in real-life systems.

Current focus on devising and implementing principled and practical solutions for dealing with incomplete information in relational database systems, and on the analysis of concrete query languages for graph databases.

Andreas Pieris  (Reader)

Database theory with emphasis on query languages, knowledge representation and reasoning, computational logic and its applications to computer science.

Yang Cao  (Chancellor's Fellow)

Bounded query processing, querying graph data.

Milos Nikolic  (Lecturer)

Databases and large-scale data management systems: in-database learning, stream processing, incremental computation, query compilation.

Amir Shaikhha  (Lecturer)

Databases, programming languages, compilers and machine learning

Research Staff

Jianbin Qin  (Research Associate)

Similarity query processing, query autocompletion, data mining.

Marco Calautti  (Research Associate)

Consistent query answering.

Marco Console  (Research Associate)

Incomplete information in relational databases.

Matthias Hofer  (Research Associate)

PhD Students

Christos Perivolaropoulos

Query optimization and intermediate results recycling in relational databases.

Markus Schneider

Consistent query answering.

Etienne Toussaint

Databases: query languages, relational and graph data, incomplete information. Logic in computer science; automata theory; game theoretic aspects of blockchains.

Tengfei Yuan

Parallel query processing.

Yanghao Wang

Approximate query processing.

Ruiqi Xu

Incremental graph computation.

Yuanhao Li

Fraud detection.

Ruochun Jin

Data quality, database system optimization, machine learning.