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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb.

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WeekDateDownload URLTopicComment
122/Sep/15 Download Introduction and Course Administration Video/Audio/Slides fine
202/Oct/15 Download Pattern matching and lexing Video/Audio/Slides fine
306/Oct/15 Download Pattern matching and lexing 2 Video/Audio/Slides fine
309/Oct/15 Download Grammars Video/Audio/Slides fine
413/Oct/15 Download Pushdown automata Video/Audio/Slides fine
416/Oct/15 Download Automatic Generation of LL(1) Parsers Video/Audio fine, no slides
520/Oct/15 Download Types and Static Type Checking Video/Audio/Slides fine
522/Oct/15 Download Fixing Problems with Grammars Video/Audio/Slides fine
627/Oct/15 Download Parts-of-speech and the Lexicon in Natural Language Video/Audio/Slides fine
705/Nov/15 Download Chart Parsing: The Earley Algorithm (Detailed example) Video/Audio/Slides fine
813/Nov/15 Download Semantics for Natural LanguagesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
917/Nov/15 Download Computing Natural Language SemanticsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
919/Nov/15 Download Complexity and Character of Human Languages Video/Audio/Slides fine
1020/Nov/15 Download Models of Human Parsing Video/Audio/Slides fine
1027/Nov/15 Download Turing machines and linear bounded automata Video/Audio/Slides fine
1103/Dec/15 Download RevisionVideo/Audio/Slides fine

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