Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science

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LectureWeekDateDownload URLTopicComment
2114/Jan/16 Download Language: introductionVideo/Audio/Slides fine
3115/Jan/16 Download Regular and Irregular VerbsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
5221/Jan/16 Download PerceptronsVideo/Audio/slides fine
6222/Jan/16 Download Perceptrons and BackpropagationVideo/Audio/Slides fine
8328/Jan/16 Download Speech Segmentation Video/Audio/Slides fine
9329/Jan/16 Download Word LearningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1042/Feb/16 Download Learning Syntactic CategoriesAudio/Slides fine, no Video
1144/Feb/16 Download Concepts and CategoriesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1245/Feb/16 Download Word MeaningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1359/Feb/16 Download The Vector Space Model Audio/Slides fine, no Video
14511/Feb/16 Download Understanding Sentences Video/Audio/Slides fine
15512/Feb/16 Download Inductive Reasoning: Introduction Video/Audio/Slides fine
16723/Feb/16 Download Inductive reasoning: Categories revisited Video/Audio/Slides fine
17725/Feb/16 Download Cognitive development: Theory of mind Video/Audio/Slides fine
18726/Feb/16 Download Biases and [ir]rationality 1 Video/Audio/Slides fine
1981/Mar/16 Download Biases and [ir]rationality 2 Audio/Slides fine, no Video
2083/Mar/16 Download Vision: the Beginnings Video/Audio/Slides fine
2184/Mar/16 Download Vision: Computational Aspects Video/Audio/Slides fine
2298/Mar/16 Download Vision: the Higher Levels Video/Audio/Slides fine
23910/Mar/16 Download Memory: Impairments Video/Audio/Slides fine
24911/Mar/16 Download Memory: Computational Issues Video/Audio/Slides fine
251015/Mar/16 Download Memory: More Computational Issues Audio/Slides fine, no Video
261017/Mar/16 Download Face Recongnition: Experiments, Computation and the Phenomenology of Prosopagnosia Video/Audio/Slides fine
271018/Mar/16 Download Capgras Delusion: How can we investigate and understand a delusion ? Video/Audio/Slides fine
281122/Mar/16 Download Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience: How can we look at what's going on in the brain Video/Audio/Slides fine
301125/Mar/16 Download Some philosophical choices within cognitive modelling Video/Audio/Slides fine

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