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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
116/Jan/15 Download IntroductionVideo/Audio/Slides fine
220/Jan/15 Download Factor graphVideo/Audio/Slides fine
323/Jan/15 Download Elimination and message passingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
427/Jan/15 Download Belief PropagationVideo/Audio/Slides fine
530/Jan/15 Download Belief NetworkVideo/Audio/Slides fine
603/Feb/15 Download LearningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
706/Feb/15 Download Q&AVideo/Audio/Slides fine
810/Feb/15 Download Exponential familyVideo/Audio/Slides fine
927/Feb/15 Download Distribution approximationVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1003/Mar/15 Download SamplingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1106/Mar/15 Download Stochastic gradient methods, utility theoryVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1210/Mar/15 Download Markov decision process, discrete latent state dynamical models(HMMs)Video/Audio/Slides fine
1313/Mar/15 Download HMMs continuedVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1417/Mar/15 Download Learning HMMVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1524/Mar/15 Download Latent Linear Dynamic SystemsVideo/Audio/Slides fine

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