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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
112/Jan/15 Download Introduction (MH & RBF)Video/Audio fine, No slides
215/Jan/15 Download Image and Capture I (RBF)Video/Audio fine, No slides
319/Jan/15 Download Image and Capture II Video/Audio fine, No slides
422/Jan/15 Download Image Segmentation I (RBF) Video/Audio fine, No slides
526/Jan/15 Download Description of Segments (RBF) Video/Audio fine, No slides
629/Jan/15 Download Simple Object Recognition (RBF) Video/Audio fine, No slides
702/Feb/15 Download Matching and Active Vision (RBF)Video/Audio fine, No slides
805/Feb/15 Download Active Vision and Vision Conclusions (RBF)Video/Audio fine, No slides
909/Feb/15 Download Sensing the world (MH) Video/Audio fine, No slides
1012/Feb/15 Download Effectors and Actuators (MH)Video/Audio fine, No slides
1123/Feb/15 Download Reaching and GraspingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1226/Feb/15 Download Sensing Self-motionVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1302/Mar/15 Download Visual ServoingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1405/Mar/15 Download Introduction to Robot Control Video/Audio/Slides fine
1509/Mar/15 Download Control 2: Open-loop ControlVideo/Audio fine, no slides
1612/Mar/15 Download Control 3: Feedback control Video/Audio/Slides fine
1716/Mar/15 Download Control 4: PID control (MH)Video/Audio/Slides fine
1819/Mar/15 Download Vision for robots (MH)Video/Audio fine, no slides

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