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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
129/Sep/14 Download Introduction: part 1Video/Audio/Slides fine
202/Oct/14 Download Introduction: part 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
306/Oct/14 Download Machine learning for probabilistic modelling; Informatics for sustainabilityVideo/Audio/Slides fine
409/Oct/14 Download Transactional machine learning; Possible CDT projectsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
513/Oct/14 Download Forensic Statisctic: Evidence Evaluation; Statistical Analysis on Extreme Valuesonly slides fine
616/Oct/14 Download Optimization/Operational researchonly slides fine
720/Oct/14 Download Database management in Big dataonly slides fine
823/Oct/14 Download Big data, graph data incomplete information; Making big data smallaudio/video/slides fine.
927/Oct/14 Download Semi-stochastic gradient descent; Algorithms for large networks, mobile systems and clustersaudio/video/slides fine.
1030/Oct/14 Download Data in cognitive science; Abstraction and generalization in causal learningaudio/video/slides fine.
1106/Nov/14 Download Prediction of structured objects in NLP; Grounded language learningaudio/video/slides fine.
1210/Nov/14 Download Speech processingaudio/video/slides fine.
1313/Nov/14 Download Computer vision methods for ecological data; Introduction to Computer Vision research at CALVIN; Vision-based robotsaudio/video/slides fine.
1417/Nov/14 Download Socialising AI; Security and privacy in data science; Text miningaudio/video/slides fine.
1520/Nov/14 Download Lifelong health and wellbeing: the neurological disease burden; Probabilistic programming; People as dataaudio/video/slides fine.
1624/Nov/14 Download Machine translation; Data-mining robust semantics; Data science and human data: annotation audio/video/slides fine.
1727/Nov/14 Download Evolving networks, complexity theory audio/video/slides fine.

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