INFORMATICS 2D: Reasoning and Agents

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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
113/Jan/15 Download Intelligent Agents Video/Audio/Slides fine
215/Jan/15 Download Logical Agents: Knowledge Bases and the Wumpus World Video/Audio/Slides fine
327/Jan/15 Download Informed Search and Exploration for AgentsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
429/Jan/15 Download Introduction to Coursework 1 Video/Audio/Slides fine
530/Jan/15 Download Haskell Refresher for Coursework 1Video/Audio/Slides fine
603/Feb/15 Download Smart Searching using Constraints Video/Audio/Slides fine
705/Feb/15 Download First Order LogicVideo/Audio/Slides fine
806/Feb/15 Download Unification and Generalized Modus PonensVideo/Audio/Slides fine
910/Feb/15 Download Resolution-based InferenceVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1012/Feb/15 Download Situation CalculusVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1113/Feb/15 Download Q&AVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1224/Feb/15 Download Introduction to planningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1326/Feb/15 Download State-space search and partial-order planningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1427/Feb/15 Download Planning and acting in the real world 1Video/Audio/Slides fine
1503/Mar/15 Download Planning and acting in the real world 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
1605/Mar/15 Download Acting under uncertaintyVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1706/Mar/15 Download Unification and Generalized Modus Ponens only audio fine
1810/Mar/15 Download Probabilities and Bayes' rule Video/Slides fine, no audio
1912/Mar/15 Download Probabilistic reasoning with Bayesian networksVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2017/Mar/15 Download Approximate inference in Bayesian networkVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2119/Mar/15 Download Time and uncertainty 1Video/Audio/Slides fine
2220/Mar/15 Download Time and uncertainty 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
2324/Mar/15 Download Dynamic Bayesian NetworksVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2426/Mar/15 Download Decision making under uncertaintyVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2527/Mar/15 Download Markov Decision ProcessesVideo/Audio/Slides fine

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