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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
116/Sep/14 Download Introduction and Course Administration Video/Audio fine, No slides
218/Sep/14 Download Course Roadmap Video/Audio fine, No slides
319/Sep/14 Download Finite Automata Video/Audio fine, No slides
423/Sep/14 Download Constructions on Finite Automata Video/Audio/Slides fine
525/Sep/14 Download Regular expressions and Kleene's theoremVideo/Audio/Slides fine
626/Sep/14 Download Pattern matching and lexingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
730/Sep/14 Download Limitations of regular languagesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
802/Oct/14 Download Context-free grammarsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
909/Oct/14 Download Automated generations of LL(1) parsersVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1014/Oct/14 Download Types and Static Types Checking (Introducing Micro-Haskell)Video/Audio/Slides fine
1124/Oct/14 Download Phase structure and parsing as searchVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1228/Oct/14 Download Chart parsingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1330/Oct/14 Download Chart parsing 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
1431/Oct/14 Download Probabilistic Context-free Grammars Video/Audio/Slides fine
1506/Nov/14 Download Agreement and Types in Natural LanguageVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1607/Nov/14 Download Semantics for Natural Languages Video/Audio/Slides fine
1711/Nov/14 Download Semantics for Natural Languages 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
1813/Nov/14 Download Computing natural language semanticsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1914/Nov/14 Download Models of human parsingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2018/Nov/14 Download Semantics of programming languagesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2121/Nov/14 Download Context-sensitive languageVideo/Audio fine
2227/Nov/14 Download RevisionVideo/Audio/Slides fine

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