Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science

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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
113/Jan/15 Download Course introductionVideo/Audio/Slides fine
215/Jan/15 Download Language: introductionVideo/Audio/Slides fine
316/Jan/15 Download Regular and Irregular Verbs: part 1Video/Audio fine, no slides
420/Jan/15 Download Regular and Irregular Verbs: part 2Video/Audio/Slides fine
522/Jan/15 Download PerceptronsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
623/Jan/15 Download Multilayer Perceptrons and Backpropagation methodVideo/Audio/Slides fine
727/Jan/15 Download Modeling the past senseVideo/Audio/Slides fine
829/Jan/15 Download Speech segmentationVideo/Audio/Slides fine
930/Jan/15 Download Word Learning Video/Audio fine, no slides
1003/Feb/15 Download Learning Syntactic CategoriesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1105/Feb/15 Download Concepts and CategoriesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1206/Feb/15 Download Word MeaningVideo/Audio fine, no slides
1310/Feb/15 Download The vector space model of word meaningVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1412/Feb/15 Download Understanding sentencesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1513/Feb/15 Download Video/Audio fine, no slides
1624/Feb/15 Download Vision: computational aspectsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1726/Feb/15 Download Vision: the higher levelVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1827/Feb/15 Download Video/Audio fine, no slides
1903/Mar/15 Download Memory: computational issuesVideo/Audio fine, no slides
2005/Mar/15 Download Memory: more computational issuesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2106/Mar/15 Download Video/Audio fine
2210/Mar/15 Download Attention: some laboratory experimentsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2312/Mar/15 Download Attention: reading and scenesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2413/Mar/15 Download Guest lecture: eyetrackingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2517/Mar/15 Download Introduction to cognitive neuroscience: how can we look at what's going on in the brainVideo/Audio/Slides fine
2619/Mar/15 Download Capgras delusion: how can we investigate and understand a delusion?Video/Audio/Slides fine
2720/Mar/15 Download Video/Audio/Slides fine
2824/Mar/15 Download Face recongnition Video/Audio/Slides fine
2926/Mar/15 Download Some philosophical choices within cognitive modellingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
3027/Mar/15 Download Revision Video/Audio fine, no slides

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