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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb. For streaming play, click on the desired date in the table at the right of the player below. The FS button goes to fullscreen (Esc restores the windows). You can navigate inside the movie by dragging the play marker. Adjust the volume by clicking on the bar position to the left of FS.

Click the FS button on the video player control bar for full screen

WeekDateDownload URLTopicComment
115/Sep/14 Download IntroductionVideo/Audio/Slides fine.
218/Sep/14 Download Thinking about dataVideo/Audio/Slides fine.
325/Sep/14 Download Mathematics PreliminariesVideo/Audio/Slides fine.
429/Sep/14 Download Naive Bayes ClassificationVideo/Audio/ fine.
513/Oct/14 Download Linear regressionVideo/Audio/ fine.
627/Oct/14 Download SVMVideo/Audio/ fine.
730/Oct/14 Download KNNVideo/Audio/ fine.
804/Nov/14 Download k-meansVideo/Audio/ fine.
906/Nov/14 Download k-means 2Video/Audio/ fine.
1010/Nov/14 Download EMVideo/Audio/Slides fine.
1113/Nov/14 Download PCAVideo/Audio fine.
1217/Nov/14 Download Hierarchical clusteringVideo/Audio fine.
1320/Nov/14 Download Neural networksVideo/Audio fine.

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