Informatics 1: Data & Analysis Lecture Video Capture

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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
116/Jan/15 Download Entities and RelationshipsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
220/Jan/15 Download The Relational ModelVideo/Audio/Slides fine
323/Jan/15 Download From ER Diagrams to Relational ModelsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
430/Jan/15 Download Tupe relational caculasVideo/Audio/Slides fine
506/Feb/15 Download SQL QueriesVideo/Audio/Slides fine
610/Feb/15 Download Trees and XMLsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
713/Feb/15 Download Structuring XMLVideo/Audio/Slides fine
823/Feb/15 Download Navigating XML using XPathVideo/Audio fine, no slides
927/Feb/15 Download CorporaVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1003/Mar/15 Download Annotation of CorporaVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1106/Mar/15 Download Example Corpora ApplicationsVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1213/Mar/15 Download Information RetrievalVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1320/Mar/15 Download Hypothesis testing and correlationVideo/Audio/Slides fine
1427/Mar/15 Download Course review and exam informationVideo/Audio/Slides fine

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