Informatics 2B - Algorithms, Data Structures and Learning Lecture Video Capture

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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb. For streaming play, click on the desired date in the table at the right of the player below. The FS button goes to fullscreen (Esc restores the windows). You can navigate inside the movie by dragging the play marker. Adjust the volume by clicking on the bar position to the left of FS.

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WeekDateDownload URLTopicComment
114/Jan/2013 Download 1. Introduction to learning and dataVideo/Audio/Slides Fine
216/Jan/2013 Download 2. Introduction to AlgorithmsVideo/Audio/Slides Fine
317/Jan/2013 Download 3. Asymptotic NotationVideo/Audio/Slides Fine
421/Jan/2013 Download 4. Similarity and recommender systemsVideo/Audio/Slides Fine
523/Jan/2013 Download 5. Asymptotic Notation and AlgorithmsVideo/Audio/Slides Fine
624/Jan/2013 Download 6. HashingVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
730/Jan/2013 Download 7. Collaborative filtering, ClusteringVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
831/Jan/2013 Download 8. Classification and nearest neighboursVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
904/Feb/2013 Download 9. Introduction to statistical pattern recognitionVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1006/Feb/2013 Download 10. AVL treesVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1107/Feb/2013 Download 11. Naive Bayes classificationVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1213/Feb/2013 Download 12. Priority Queues and HeapsVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1313/Mar/2013 Download 13. Graphs IIVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1418/Mar/2013 Download 14. Multi-layer neural network: 1Video/Slides/Audio Fine
1520/Mar/2013 Download 15. Indexing and Sorting for WWWVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1621/Mar/2013 Download 16. Multi-layer neural network: 2Video/Slides/Audio Fine
1725/Mar/2013 Download 17. ReviewVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1827/Mar/2013 Download 18. Ranking Queries in WWWVideo/Slides/Audio Fine
1928/Mar/2013 Download 19. ReviewVideo/Slides/Audio Fine

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