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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
117/Sep/13Download Lecture 1: Introduction and Course Administration Video/Audio/Slides fine
219/Sep/13 Download Lecture 2: Course Roadmap Video/Audio/Slides fine
320/Sep/13 Download Lecture 3: Deterministic Finite Automata Video/Audio/Slides fine
424/Sep/13 Download Non-deterministic Finite Automata Video/Audio/Slides fines
526/Sep/13 Download Regular Expressions and Kleene's TheoremVideo/Audio/Slides fine
627/Sep/13 Download Applications to Pattern Matching and LexingVideo/Audio/Slides fine
701/Oct/13 Download Limitations of Regular LanguagesVideo/Audio fine, No slides
803/Oct/13 Download Context-free LanguagesVideo/Audio/Slides fines
904/Oct/13 Download Context-free LanguagesVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1008/Oct/13 Download Pushdown AutomataVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1110/Oct/13 Download Fixing Problems with GrammarsVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1211/Oct/13 Download LL(1) predictive parsingVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1315/Oct/13 Download Types and Static Type Checking Video/Audio/Slides fines
17/Oct/13 Download CAREERS LECTUREVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1418/Oct/13 Download DFAs and Morphological ParsingVideo/Audio/Slides fines
1522/Oct/13 Download Parts-of-speech and the Lexicon in Natural Language Video/Audio/Slides fines
1624/Oct/13 Download Part-of-speech Tagging Video/Audio/Slides fines
1725/Oct/13 Download Parts-of-speech and the Lexicon in Natural LanguagePhrase Structure and Parsing as Search Video/Audio/Slides fines
1829/Oct/13 Download Chart Parsing: The CYK Algorithm Video/Audio/Slides fines
1931/Oct/13 Download Chart Parsing: The Earley Algorithm Video/Audio/Slides fines
2001/Nov/13 Download Probabilistic Context-free GrammarsVideo/Audio/Slides fines
2105/Nov/13 Download Parameter Estimation and Lexicalization for PCFGsVideo/Audio/Slides fines
2207/Nov/13 Download Agreement and Types in Natural LanguageVideo/Audio/Slides fines
2308/Nov/13 Download Semantics for Natural LanguagesVideo/Audio/Slides fines
2412/Nov/13 Download Computing Natural Language SemanticsVideo/Audio/Slides fines
2513/Nov/13 Complexity and Character of Human LanguagesNot Recorded
2615/Nov/13 Download Models of Human Parsing Video/Audio/Slides fines
2722/Nov/13 Download Turing Machines and Linear Bounded Automata Video/Audio/Slides fines
2826/Nov/13 Download Undecidability Video/Audio/Slides fines
2928/Nov/13 Download Revision Lecture Video/Audio/Slides fines

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