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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb. For streaming play, click on the desired date in the table at the right of the player below. The FS button goes to fullscreen (Esc restores the windows). You can navigate inside the movie by dragging the play marker. Adjust the volume by clicking on the bar position to the left of FS.

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LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
114/Jan/14 Download 1: Introduction. Slides/Audio fine.
216/Jan/14 Download 2: Vision: The Beginnings. Slides/Audio fine.
317/Jan/14 Download 3: Vision: Computational Aspects Slides/Audio fine.
421/Jan/14 Download 4: Vision: The Higher Levels. Video/Slides/Audio fine.
523/Jan/14 Download 5: Language: Introduction. Video/Audio/Slides fine.
624/Jan/14 Download 6: Memory: Impairments. Video/Audio fine.
728/Jan/14 Download 7: Language: Regular and Irregular Verbs: Part 1 Video/Slides/Audio fine.
830/Jan/14 Download 8. Memory: Computational Issues 1 Video/Audio fine.
931/Jan/14 Download 9. Memory: Computational Issues 2 Video/Audio fine.
1004/Feb/14 Download 10. Regular and Irregular Verbs: Part 2 Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1106/Feb/14 Download 11. Perceptrons Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1207/Feb/14 Download 12. Perceptrons Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1311/Feb/14 Download 13. Multilayer Perceptrons and Backpropagation Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1413/Feb/14 Download 14. Attention: Introduction Video/Audio fine.
1514/Feb/14 Download 15. Attention: part 2 Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1625/Feb/14 Download 16. Attention: Reading and Scenes Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1727/Feb/14 Download 17. Word Segmentation Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1828/Feb/14 Download 18. Word Learning Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1904/Mar/14 Download 19. Learning syntatic categories Video/Slides/Audio fine.
2006/Mar/14 Download 20. Understand Sentences: part 1 Video/Slides/Audio fine.
Guest Lecture07/Mar/14 Download Guest Lecture: Eyetracking Video/Slides/Audio fine.
2111/Mar/14 Download 21. Understand Sentences: part 2 Video/Slides/Audio fine.
2213/Mar/14 Download 22. Concepts and Categories Video/Slides/Audio fine.
2314/Mar/14 Download 23. Word Meaning Video/Slides/Audio fine.
2421/Mar/14 Download 24. Cognitive Neuroscience: Introduction Only Audio fine.
2528/Mar/14 Download 26. Autistic Spectrum Disorder Only Audio fine.

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