Informatics 2D - Reasoning and Agents Lecture Video Capture

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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb. For streaming play, click on the desired date in the table at the right of the player below. The FS button goes to fullscreen (Esc restores the windows). You can navigate inside the movie by dragging the play marker. Adjust the volume by clicking on the bar position to the left of FS.

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WeekDateDownload URLTopicComment
115/Jan/2013 Download 1. Intelligent AgentsAudio Only
117/Jan/2013 Download 2. Logical Agents: Knowledge Bases and the Wumpus WorldAudio/Slides OK
118/Jan/2013 Download 3. Effective Propositional InferenceAudio/Slides OK
222/Jan/2013 Download 4. Problem Solving by SearchingAudio/Slides OK
224/Jan/2013 Download 5. Search StrategiesAudio/Slides OK
225/Jan/2014 Download 6. Adversarial SearchAudio/Slides OK
329/Jan/2013 Download 7. Smart Searching Using ConstraintsAudio/Slides OK
331/Jan/2013 Download 8. Informed Search and Exploration for AgentsAudio/Slides OK
301/Feb/2012 Download 9. First Order LogicAudio/Slides OK
405/Feb/2012 Download 10. Introduction to Coursework 1Audio/Slides OK
407/Feb/2012 Download 11. Haskell Refresher for Coursework 1 Audio/Slides OK
408/Feb/2012 Download 12. Unification and Generalized Modus PonensAudio/Slides OK
512/Feb/2012 Download 13. Resolution-based InferenceVideo/Slides/Audio OK
514/Feb/2012 Download 14. Situation CalculusVideo/Audio/Slides OK
515/Feb/2012 No lecture
726/Feb/2012 Download 16. Introduction to PlanningAudio/Slides OK
728/Feb/2012 Download 17. State-space Search and Partial-order PlanningAudio/Slides OK
701/Mar/2012 Download 18. Planning and Acting in the Real World IAudio/Slides OK
805/Mar/2013 Download 19. Planning and Acting in the Real World IIVideo/Slides OK
807/Mar/2013 Download 20. Acting under UncertaintyVideo/Slides OK
808/Mar/2013 Download 21. Introduction to Coursework 2Video/Slides OK
912/Mar/2013 22. Probabilities and Bayes' Rule Not Recorded
914/Mar/2013 Download 23. Probabilistic Reasoning with Bayesian NetworksVideo/Slides OK
915/Mar/2013 Download 24. Exact Inference in Bayesian NetworksVideo/Slides OK
1019/Mar/2013 Download 25. Approximate Inference in Bayesian NetworksVideo/Slides OK
1021/Mar/2013 Download 26. Time and Uncertainty IVideo/Slides OK
1022/Mar/2013 Download 27. Time and Uncertainty IIVideo/Slides OK
1126/Mar/2013 Download 28. Dynamic Bayesian NetworksVideo/Slides OK
1128/Mar/2013 Download 29. Decision Making under UncertaintyVideo/Slides OK
1129/Mar/2013 Download 30. Markov Decision ProcessesVideo/Slides OK

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