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To copy a given lecture, click on the 'Download' link below to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb.

LectureDateDownload URLTopicComment
425/Sep/12 Download Non-deterministic Finite Automata Video/Audio fine, No slides
527/Sep/12 Download Regular Expressions and Kleene's TheoremVideo/Audio fine, No slides
702/Oct/12 Download Limitations of Regular LanguagesVideo/Audio fine, No slides
804/Oct/12 Download Context-free Languages .Video/Audio fine, No slides
905/Oct/12 Download Pushdown Automata.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1009/Oct/12 Download LL(1) predictive parsing.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1111/Oct/12 Download Automatic Generation of LL(1) Parsers. Video/Audio fine, No slides
1212/Oct/12 Download Fixing Problems with Grammars. Video/Audio fine, No slides
1316/Oct/12 Download Types and Static Type Checking.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1419/Oct/12 Download DFAs and Morphological Parsing.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1523/Oct/12 Parts-of-speech and the Lexicon in Natural Language.Not Available
1625/Oct/12 Download Part-of-speech Tagging.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1726/Oct/12 Download Phrase Structure and Parsing as Search.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1830/Oct/12 Download Chart Parsing: The CYK Algorithm.Video/Audio fine, No slides
1901/Nov/12 Download Chart Parsing: The Earley Algorithm.Video/Audio fine, No slides
20 02/Nov/12 Download Probabilistic Context-free Grammars.Video/Audio fine, No slides
21 06/Nov/12 Download Parameter Estimation and Lexicalization for PCFGs.Video/Audio fine, No slides
22 08/Nov/12 Download Semantics for Natural Languages.Video/Audio fine, No slides
23 09/Nov/12 Agreement and Types in Natural Language.Not Available
24 13/Nov/12 Download Computing Natural Language Semantics.Video/Audio fine, No slides
25 14/Nov/12 Complexity and Character of Human Languages.Not Available
26 15/Nov/12 Download Agreement and Types in Natural Language.Video/Audio fine, No slides
27 16/Nov/12 Download Models of Human Parsing.Video/Audio fine, No slides
28 22/Nov/12 Download Context-sensitive languages.Video/Audio fine, No slides
29 23/Nov/12 Download Turing Machines and Linear Bounded Automata.Video/Audio fine, No slides
30 27/Nov/12 Download Undecidability.Video/Audio fine, No slides
31 29/Nov/12 Download Revision Lecture.Video/Audio fine, No slides

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