IVR Lecture Video Capture

To replay a given lecture, click on the 'Stream' link for immediate play and 'Download' link to save on your machine. Note that these files are on the order of 300-400Mb.

LectureDateVideo URLDownload URLTopicComment
124/Sep/10 Stream Download Introduction.(Part 1)Video/Slides/Audio fine.
Stream Download Introduction.(Part 2)Video/Slides/Audio fine.
228/Sep/10 Stream Download Sensing the world.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
301/Oct/10 Stream Download Image and Capture.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
405/Oct/10 Stream Download Image Isolation.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
508/Oct/10 Stream Download Image Isolation.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
612/Oct/10 Stream Download Shape Description.Video is not available.
715/Oct/10 Stream Download Object Recognition. (Part 1)Video/Slides/Audio fine.
819/Oct/10 Stream Download Object Recognition. (Part 2)Video/Slides, Audio starts after 5 min.
922/Oct/10 Stream Download Active Vision(1).Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1026/Oct/10 Stream Download Active Vision(2).Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1129/Oct/10 Stream Download Effectors and Actuactors.Video is not available.
1202/Nov/10 Stream Download Reaching and Grasping.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1305/Nov/10 Stream Download Introduction to control.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1409/Nov/10 Stream Download Control 2: Open-loop Control.Video/Slides/Audio fine.
1519/Nov/10 Stream Download Sensing self-motion.Video/Slides/Audio fine.

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