Motion Control Sensor Interface


This is the page for the group C project for the System Level Integration Practical. Here you will find each member's individual report, together with quick access bookmarks to browse efficiently. Source code and datasheet links are also provided where appropriate.

Project Outline and Responsibilities

Initially, the vision of our group was to develop a system by which hand motions could be recorded and recognised by a PC drawing board display, which would draw according to the specific hand movements. A device for the second hand was also envisioned to give the user control over functionality in addition to motion (such as changing stroke colour/thickness through hand gestures).

Due to time constraints and sensor availability, the group was not able to develop the whole system as envisioned; and so, we shifted our goal towards designing a robust system whose purpose is to gather wireless gesture information, which can then be processed, transformed and used by a vast array of applications (a few examples are included in our design). We felt that once we created a reliable way of transmitting and processing motion information, the applications that could use that information would be endless.

Project Requirements

- Must be robust and reliable across the whole system spectrum
- End-applications must be easy to use
- To offer room for extensions and the plugging of different applications

Below is a state chart describing the system.

State Diagram for Motion Control Interface