Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to make clever use of the SPECK sensors so as to develop a boxing style game. This will allow either multiple users to compete against one another or allow a single user to participate in a boxing training session. The user will move there arms, body and head which will then be mapped into the virtual 3D world to allow the user to play the game.

High Level Overview

As a boxing game, one will be able to complete against another player or under- take a training session. Sensors will be placed at various places on both arms so as to get an accurate sense of the individuals arms. When the user performs a punch in the real world, this will be seen in the virtual 3D world output of the display showing the game. As in boxing, the system shall allow for blocks against punches from an opposing player or obstacle in the training session. The user will also be able to dodge incoming punches by moving the body and head in the appropriate direction. As for the lower body such as below the hips, this will not be implemented and will be similar to a boxing game for the Nintendo Wii.

The in game rules are as follows:

1. A player will score two points for a head shot and one point anywhere else.

2. A player will not score points for hitting opponents arms.

3. A player is allowed to block against opposing player attacks.

4. A player is allowed to dodge incoming player attacks.

5. The game will end when a player reaches a set score (or a timeout occurs).

System Composition

Below is a diagram showing a high level diagram of our system. This diagram shows how the sensors outputs are passed through our system, from the player class throught the physics engine to detect collisions etc and finally to the graphics engine where the avatar is drawn.

Use case Diagram

The following use case diagram shows show our system interacts with its users and what steps must be followed in order for the avatar to be drawn onscreen.

Source Code

A copy of our source code can be downloaded by clicking here

To download the entire game (i.e source code, graphics) click here