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Annotation Coverage

Not all of the annotations listed on the annotations and data summary pages are available for all conversations in the corpus. The table below summarises which conversations have each of the different layers of annotation. Prosody files are listed according to their source: Edinburgh original, Edinburgh converted or University of Washington (UW) as these are generated in slightly different ways, either directly from manual annotations (hand) or automatically from other annotations (auto); and cover different numbers of words, either all or only those also annotated for kontrast (see annotations page for more details).

Core Set (642): terminals, syntax, movement, turns, disfluency, active, markable: animacy, dialAct, phonwords, syllables, phones
sw2005, sw2008, sw2010, sw2012, sw2015, sw2018, sw2020, sw2022, sw2024, sw2027, sw2028, sw2032, sw2035, sw2039, sw2041, sw2051, sw2053, sw2060, sw2061, sw2062, sw2065, sw2067, sw2072, sw2073, sw2078, sw2079, sw2092, sw2093, sw2094, sw2095, sw2102, sw2104, sw2105, sw2107, sw2109, sw2111, sw2113, sw2120, sw2121, sw2124, sw2130, sw2131, sw2137, sw2139, sw2145, sw2151, sw2154, sw2157, sw2160, sw2163, sw2171, sw2177, sw2184, sw2187, sw2220, sw2226, sw2229, sw2241, sw2247, sw2249, sw2252, sw2253, sw2259, sw2260, sw2264, sw2266, sw2275, sw2279, sw2285, sw2290, sw2295, sw2299, sw2302, sw2304, sw2305, sw2314, sw2316, sw2324, sw2330, sw2331, sw2334, sw2336, sw2349, sw2362, sw2365, sw2366, sw2370, sw2372, sw2382, sw2383, sw2395, sw2397, sw2399, sw2405, sw2406, sw2407, sw2421, sw2423, sw2427, sw2429, sw2433, sw2434, sw2435, sw2436, sw2439, sw2441, sw2442, sw2445, sw2451, sw2455, sw2460, sw2461, sw2465, sw2466, sw2469, sw2472, sw2477, sw2479, sw2485, sw2486, sw2488, sw2490, sw2492, sw2499, sw2501, sw2502, sw2503, sw2504, sw2510, sw2521, sw2525, sw2526, sw2527, sw2533, sw2539, sw2540, sw2545, sw2546, sw2547, sw2548, sw2549, sw2554, sw2558, sw2559, sw2565, sw2566, sw2568, sw2571, sw2584, sw2587, sw2589, sw2593, sw2597, sw2598, sw2599, sw2602, sw2603, sw2604, sw2608, sw2609, sw2611, sw2615, sw2617, sw2619, sw2627, sw2628, sw2634, sw2640, sw2641, sw2645, sw2648, sw2650, sw2653, sw2657, sw2658, sw2667, sw2669, sw2672, sw2676, sw2678, sw2691, sw2703, sw2708, sw2710, sw2717, sw2719, sw2724, sw2729, sw2734, sw2743, sw2749, sw2756, sw2759, sw2761, sw2772, sw2775, sw2782, sw2784, sw2785, sw2789, sw2790, sw2792, sw2800, sw2818, sw2819, sw2826, sw2828, sw2832, sw2835, sw2836, sw2837, sw2840, sw2851, sw2858, sw2860, sw2866, sw2868, sw2870, sw2876, sw2877, sw2883, sw2893, sw2896, sw2910, sw2913, sw2932, sw2938, sw2945, sw2956, sw2962, sw2965, sw2969, sw2970, sw2989, sw2998, sw3011, sw3012, sw3015, sw3020, sw3021, sw3023, sw3030, sw3038, sw3040, sw3041, sw3045, sw3047, sw3049, sw3051, sw3052, sw3056, sw3062, sw3067, sw3068, sw3069, sw3070, sw3072, sw3073, sw3074, sw3075, sw3080, sw3081, sw3082, sw3083, sw3085, sw3086, sw3088, sw3090, sw3093, sw3096, sw3097, sw3099, sw3103, sw3108, sw3111, sw3113, sw3115, sw3120, sw3124, sw3130, sw3131, sw3133, sw3134, sw3135, sw3138, sw3140, sw3142, sw3144, sw3146, sw3148, sw3150, sw3152, sw3154, sw3155, sw3156, sw3159, sw3161, sw3168, sw3169, sw3171, sw3174, sw3182, sw3186, sw3187, sw3188, sw3195, sw3200, sw3201, sw3202, sw3205, sw3206, sw3207, sw3215, sw3219, sw3223, sw3227, sw3229, sw3232, sw3235, sw3236, sw3237, sw3238, sw3239, sw3242, sw3245, sw3246, sw3251, sw3252, sw3254, sw3256, sw3259, sw3260, sw3266, sw3268, sw3269, sw3275, sw3279, sw3283, sw3284, sw3286, sw3288, sw3294, sw3296, sw3300, sw3303, sw3304, sw3306, sw3309, sw3311, sw3313, sw3315, sw3317, sw3320, sw3324, sw3325, sw3327, sw3328, sw3331, sw3333, sw3334, sw3338, sw3342, sw3343, sw3344, sw3345, sw3349, sw3351, sw3353, sw3354, sw3360, sw3364, sw3365, sw3367, sw3368, sw3369, sw3375, sw3377, sw3382, sw3387, sw3389, sw3393, sw3397, sw3398, sw3399, sw3403, sw3406, sw3408, sw3409, sw3411, sw3417, sw3420, sw3425, sw3427, sw3435, sw3441, sw3443, sw3445, sw3447, sw3449, sw3450, sw3458, sw3467, sw3473, sw3476, sw3487, sw3491, sw3495, sw3497, sw3503, sw3508, sw3509, sw3514, sw3515, sw3517, sw3523, sw3524, sw3525, sw3526, sw3537, sw3539, sw3541, sw3549, sw3550, sw3551, sw3561, sw3565, sw3569, sw3573, sw3574, sw3576, sw3580, sw3584, sw3586, sw3595, sw3596, sw3606, sw3607, sw3615, sw3628, sw3633, sw3636, sw3638, sw3639, sw3646, sw3651, sw3655, sw3658, sw3660, sw3663, sw3680, sw3682, sw3688, sw3691, sw3697, sw3699, sw3707, sw3720, sw3725, sw3727, sw3728, sw3746, sw3750, sw3756, sw3763, sw3768, sw3773, sw3776, sw3781, sw3784, sw3796, sw3798, sw3801, sw3809, sw3811, sw3821, sw3825, sw3830, sw3838, sw3850, sw3862, sw3876, sw3883, sw3887, sw3902, sw3917, sw3925, sw3962, sw3983, sw3988, sw3993, sw4004, sw4008, sw4019, sw4022, sw4023, sw4026, sw4028, sw4032, sw4033, sw4036, sw4038, sw4048, sw4049, sw4050, sw4051, sw4055, sw4056, sw4060, sw4064, sw4071, sw4072, sw4074, sw4077, sw4079, sw4080, sw4082, sw4090, sw4092, sw4096, sw4099, sw4101, sw4103, sw4104, sw4108, sw4109, sw4113, sw4114, sw4123, sw4127, sw4129, sw4130, sw4133, sw4137, sw4138, sw4148, sw4149, sw4150, sw4151, sw4152, sw4153, sw4154, sw4155, sw4158, sw4159, sw4166, sw4168, sw4171, sw4174, sw4175, sw4177, sw4181, sw4184, sw4311, sw4312, sw4314, sw4316, sw4318, sw4319, sw4320, sw4321, sw4325, sw4327, sw4329, sw4330, sw4333, sw4334, sw4336, sw4339, sw4340, sw4341, sw4342, sw4345, sw4346, sw4347, sw4349, sw4353, sw4356, sw4358, sw4360, sw4362, sw4363, sw4364, sw4366, sw4370, sw4372, sw4376, sw4378, sw4379, sw4380, sw4382, sw4483, sw4519, sw4548, sw4565, sw4572, sw4603, sw4608, sw4611, sw4617, sw4618, sw4619, sw4626, sw4628, sw4633, sw4642, sw4646, sw4649, sw4659, sw4679, sw4682, sw4688, sw4691, sw4697, sw4698, sw4707, sw4720, sw4725, sw4728, sw4733, sw4736, sw4765, sw4784, sw4785, sw4792, sw4796, sw4801, sw4812, sw4826, sw4830, sw4831, sw4834, sw4858, sw4859, sw4868, sw4877, sw4880, sw4886, sw4890, sw4902, sw4908, sw4928, sw4936
Information Structure Set (144): markable: infostat, coreference, kontrast, trigger
Errata: sw2295,sw3523,sw4150 infostat, coreference only; sw2627 infostat, kontrast, trigger only 
sw2012, sw2020, sw2041, sw2051, sw2065, sw2078, sw2111, sw2145, sw2154, sw2220, sw2241, sw2252, sw2253, sw2285, sw2302, sw2305, sw2314, sw2316, sw2334, sw2362, sw2370, sw2397, sw2407, sw2421, sw2427, sw2429, sw2434, sw2439, sw2441, sw2445, sw2460, sw2461, sw2479, sw2485, sw2486, sw2488, sw2490, sw2499, sw2503, sw2504, sw2510, sw2521, sw2525, sw2526, sw2533, sw2546, sw2547, sw2554, sw2558, sw2559, sw2566, sw2589, sw2597, sw2598, sw2604, sw2609, sw2611, sw2615, sw2617, sw2628, sw2641, sw2648, sw2657, sw2658, sw2667, sw2669, sw2672, sw2703, sw2708, sw2710, sw2717, sw2729, sw2734, sw2749, sw2756, sw2784, sw2790, sw2828, sw2832, sw2836, sw2840, sw2866, sw2870, sw2932, sw2938, sw2956, sw2962, sw2965, sw2969, sw2970, sw2998, sw3021, sw3023, sw3049, sw3088, sw3096, sw3103, sw3111, sw3115, sw3140, sw3150, sw3161, sw3174, sw3283, sw3288, sw3503, sw3515, sw3606, sw3639, sw3660, sw3663, sw3691, sw3699, sw3728, sw3756, sw3876, sw4023, sw4051, sw4060, sw4064, sw4071, sw4077, sw4101, sw4113, sw4149, sw4152, sw4321, sw4327, sw4336, sw4364, sw4370, sw4372, sw4633, sw4642, sw4682, sw4691, sw4736, sw4765, sw4801, sw4812, sw4830, sw4831, sw4834, sw4880
Edinburgh Original Prosody x Info Struc Set (13): accent (hand), phrase (hand), break (auto), prosnotes, markable: infostat, coreference, kontrast, trigger
Note in this set prosody annotation is only on words annotated for kontrast status
sw2285, sw2305, sw2316, sw2397, sw2434, sw2499, sw2615, sw2717, sw2784, sw2836, sw2870, sw2969, sw3023
Edinburgh Converted Prosody (18): accent (hand), phrase (hand), break (hand), prosnotes
All words annotated for prosody

sw2018, sw2145, sw2184, sw2290, sw2370, sw2429, sw2451, sw2548, sw2604, sw2611, sw2628, sw2708, sw2729, sw3161, sw3876, sw3942, sw4152, sw4830

Edinburgh Converted Prosody x Info Struct Set (12): accent, phrase, break, prosnotes, markable: infostat, coreference, kontrast, trigger
sw2145, sw2370, sw2429, sw2604, sw2611, sw2628, sw2708, sw2729, sw3161, sw3876, sw4152, sw4830
UW Prosody Set (45): accent (hand/auto), phrase (auto), break (hand)
All words annotated for prosody
sw2060, sw2107, sw2395, sw2593, sw2759, sw3156, sw3169, sw3171, sw3188, sw3201, sw3219, sw3227, sw3242, sw3252, sw3349, sw3351, sw3445, sw3682, sw3763, sw3798, sw3838, sw3887, sw3902, sw3917, sw3925, sw4019, sw4028, sw4033, sw4090, sw4096, sw4108, sw4127, sw4129, sw4150, sw4153, sw4155, sw4168, sw4175, sw4325, sw4329, sw4346, sw4646, sw4868, sw4877, sw4890