SAFECOMP 2003 Sponsor Programme

Sponsorship in the context of SAFECOMP 2003 is an ideal opportunity to expose your company / organization to an international audience of researchers and professionals.

Sponsorship is not limited to financial support, but can also take the form of provision of material and services.

If you would like to sponsor SAFECOMP 2003, please fill in the SAFECOMP 2003 Sponsorship Form.

SAFECOMP 2003 Sponsorship Form

Companies / Organizations will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products and services through the Exhibition that will be organized during the Conference. In that case, you have to register as Exhibitor at SAFECOMP 2003 - please refer to the SAFECOMP 2003 Registration Page.

Additional benefits will also be provided to each individual sponsor depending on the sponsorship contribution or item that will be sponsored.

If you have any question or need further information, please contact Massimo Felici at