The Host City

Catania is situated at the centre of the Ionian coast in eastern Sicily and extends from the sea to the low foothills of Etna, Europe's highest active volcano. Historically Catania has been the gateway to many cultures, which are represented by different architectural styles (e.g., baroque) and monuments (e.g., the Greek-Roman Theatre). Due to its geographical position and history Catania represents a Mediterranean gate to Europe. Catania is the meeting point of the vast human and economic area of the Mediterranean, not just a confluence of economic interests but convergence and confrontation of cultures and civilisations. In recent years industry has created new areas dedicated to productive activity. The establishment of hi-tech multinationals has given the name of "Etna Valley" to the industrial area. The modern Catania has become well-known for its technological revolution. Sicily a land of great beauty but also a productive land with industrial districts, comprising SMEs with strong export potential and of a growing desire for internationalisation.