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Complexe scientifique de Rangueil
7, avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4 - France
Tel: +(33) 5 61 33 62 00 Fax: +(33) 5 61 55 35 77



Toulouse is situated in south-west France, 680 km from Paris. Toulouse is the Capital of the "Midi-Pyrénées" Region, the largest French province. With a population of 650 000, Toulouse is pink and green: old pink bricks and green gardens with lots of pretty fountains and even barges going trough the "Canal du Midi". Already bustling 2 000 years ago, the city boasts a rare architectural and artistic heritage including in particular the Basilica Saint-Sernin (11th century), Saint-Etienne's Cathedral (12th century), the Church and Cloister of the Jacobins (13th century) and the Capitol (18th century).

Toulouse is the European Capital of aeronautics and space, and a leading center in industry, technology and research. With a wealth of educational institutions that include universities and several research laboratories covering all spheres of knowledge, Toulouse has the second largest university in France and ranks among the top university cities in Europe. The climate in Toulouse is usually temperate around the time of the Conference.
Information about Toulouse is available at:


Access to Toulouse

Toulouse is about 1 hour from Paris by air, 5 hours by rail (TGV via Bordeaux) and 7 hours by freeway. There are about 40 flights daily between Toulouse and Paris. There are also daily flights between Toulouse and Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich. A public bus, which departs every 20 minutes, is available between the airport and the city center (Fare: about 25 FF. ).
Taxi fare is around 130 FF. to city center, 180 FF. to LAAS.

From downtown to LAAS-CNRS

By bus: A free special bus between downtown and the Conference Site will be organized. This bus will depart from "Place Wilson", in front of "Cinema Gaumont" at 8:15 and will return to downtown at the end of the Conference day.
By car: LAAS-CNRS is about 20 minutes car ride away from downtown.
Information about how to get to LAAS-CNRS is available on the internet at:



A list of hotels offering special prices is available at:
Downtown hotels are situated close to "Place Wilson", "Place Jeanne d'Arc" or "Place du Capitole". Choosing a hotel in the city will give you easy access to the wide range of activities the city offers.
For your reservation, please contact DIRECTLY the hotel of your choice mentioning LAAS, and confirm your reservation by fax.


The language of the Conference is English (no simultaneous translation)

Tourist Information

Information about Toulouse can be found at:
For additional information, please contact:
Office du Tourisme, Donjon du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse
Phone: +(33) 5 61 11 02 22, Fax: +(33) 5 61 22 03 63