softenv - An LCFG component to manage the SoftEnv system.


This component maintains a simple SoftEnv database for a system. Multiple architecture and platform databases are not supported, since the scope of this component is intended to be a single machine. The component generates a main SoftEnv file from a list of applications, plus a set of user ".soft" files from a per-user application list.


homedir The location of users' home directories, default /home/.
apps A list of applications in the database. Multiple versions of the same program should be listed individually.
appname_ The name of this application, including version information that SoftEnv should use. This is a workaround of a limitation of LCFG lists, that prevents periods and hyphens from appearing in the list of applications itself.
group_ The group this application belongs to. This is most useful for grouping multiple versions of the same application.
path_ The path elements which should be added to a user's PATH to include this application's executable.
manpath_ The path elements which should be added to a user's MANPATH to include this application's documentation.
libpath_ The path elements which should be added to a user's LIBPATH to include the libraries needed by this application.
classpath_ The path elements which should be added to a user's CLASSPATH to include the Java classes needed by this application.
flags_ The flags which apply to this application. See the SoftEnv administrators manual for a discussion of their meanings.
pointers A list of applications which should be defined as pointers to some other application. This is most useful to provide aliasing, eg an Emacs pointer that identifies a particular version of Emacs.
pointername_ The names of each pointer. This is a workaround for a limitation in LCFG preventing the use of hyphens and periods in lists.
target_ The application with which a particular pointer should be identified. This should be the application's name (including the correct hyphens and periods).
macros A list of macros that will be defined in the administrator file. At the least you should have a macro whose name is "default" since this is normally added to every user's .soft file when they login to a SoftEnv system for the first time.
macroname_ The name for each of the macros. The presence of this resource is a workaround for limitations in LCFG on the presence of hyphen and period characters in list entries.
macroapps_ A list of applications (in their normal hyphen and period rich form) that will be added to this macro definition.
users A list of users whose ".soft" file will be managed by the component.
uapps_ The list of applications a given user wants in their ".soft" file. These should be the proper names (including hyphens and periods) rather than the truncated forms used in other lists.


Redhat7, Redhat9, Solaris9


Edmund Smith


lcfg-softenv-3.0.4-1.noarch.rpmArchitecture Independent RPM
lcfg-softenv-3.0.4-1.src.rpmSource RPM package
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