maui - An LCFG component to manage the Maui scheduler


This component configures and runs a Maui subsystem. The machines listed in the drones resource will all run the Maui drone code, and that in the server resource will run the scheduler.


Most of the resources for the Maui component are taken directly from the maui.properties file distributed with Maui, which they are used to create. The default values regenerate that file exactly. Below are listed the most important.
cluster A name identifying this Maui cluster, default "Maui Cluster".
adminEmail The mail address to which Maui should send error reports, default root@localhost.
server The name of the machine which will run the scheduler, default localhost.
schedulerPort The port on which the scheduler will listen, default 31114.
user The user Maui should run as, default mauid.
admins The list of users Maui should accept as admins, defaults to root and the user in maui.user.
tcpPort The port Maui should use for TCP communication, default 31115.
multicast Set to "true" to enable multicast batching, default false.
multicastGroup The group to use for multicast, default
multicastPort The multicast port, default 31115.
asyncPort The port to use for async comms, default 31116.
clients The list of machines that will act as clients for Maui (from which users can submit jobs.) Currently unused, defaults to localhost.
drones The list of machines that will act as drones (compute elements). Defaults to localhost.
keyMaxAge The maximum age the shared key can be in the Maui system. Defaults to 2592000, which is 1 month.
dbServerHost The name of the machine providing Maui's MySQL database, default localhost.
dbServerPort The port number of the database server. There is no default.
dbServerDb The name of the database for Maui to use, default maui_db.
classpath The classpath for the Maui server to use, default is "/usr/share/maui/examples /usr/share/maui/jython.jar"


Redhat7, Redhat9, Solaris9


Edmund Smith


lcfg-maui-2.0.3-1.noarch.rpmArchitecture Independent RPM
lcfg-maui-2.0.3-1.src.rpmSource RPM package
lcfg-maui-2.0.3.src.tgzGNU zipped TAR archive
lcfg-maui-defaults-s1-2.0.3-1.noarch.rpmArchitecture Independent RPM