Because GARM was designed to be flexible and extensible with regards data sources, interaction with the GARM tools is done with references rather than filenames. This allows the same commands to be used to manage a variety of data locations and types.
References have the format:
The current types and the types of their locations are given below.
TypeLocation Format Description
local-garfile pathA GAR on a locally visible filesystem
remote-gardescriptor pathA GAR in the repository
standalonecollectionA Globus standalone container installation
A reference refers to a collection of files that GARM should be aware of. GARM makes no real distinction between GAR files and containers, except that GARs are read-only. This means you can in principle install the contents of one container on another. In practice at present you don't get any more functionality than a bulk copy would have provided, although this may change in later versions.
The location argument for the standalone container needs more explanation. This is infact another reference, although to a different kind of collection - an untyped collection. There is only one reference of this type in the present release:
TypeLocation Format Description
dirdirectory pathA locally visible directory
standalone:dir:/opt/globus/ A Globus container in /opt/globus
remote-gar:core/sdb.garx sdb.gar in the repository under core/
local-gar:/foo/sdb.gar filestreaming.gar in /opt/globus/gars/