Installing GARM from Sources
To install GARM from source you will need Apache Ant. GARM is developed using version 1.6.0 or later, but any sufficiently recent version should work (certainly those later than 1.5.8). More information on Ant and the Apache project is available here.
The first step in installing GARM from its sources is to obtain the sources and dependencies. Extract them to a locally visible directory. On UN*X systems this can be accomplished with one of the following:
tar xzf garm-0.01a.tar.gz
tar xIf garm-0.01a.tar.bz2
Different versions of the tar command require different letters for bzip2 extraction than the one given. Consult your tar manual if in doubt. GARM when installed will no longer need the directory it is initially extracted into, so this operation can be safely performed on a volatile filesystem or /tmp.
The next step in installation is to customise the file with your requirements for installation. Because GARM is intended to be used on a wide variety of architectures, there is a considerable degree of flexibility about where files may be installed. Note however that GARM uses absolute paths that are generated at install time and so the directory GARM is installed into will be the directory it must stay in.
GARM presently uses 4 different directories for the course of its execution. Each of these directories may be set at one of three levels. Firstly, each directory may be set explicitly to some value. The properties used to this are outlined below. If any of these properties are absent, the install process next attempts to generate values for them from a given file prefix. The generated directories will be as follows:
Property Generated value Example
install.vardir PREFIX/var/ /usr/var/
install.sharedir PREFIX/share/ /usr/share/
install.bindir PREFIX/bin/ /usr/bin/
install.libdir PREFIX/lib/ /usr/lib/
Finally as a last case fallback, if the prefix property is not set, GARM will look for a base directory property. Every unassigned property will be set to the base directory. This creates an installation probably suitable for Windows machines.
Property Generated value Example
install.vardir BASEDIR C:\GARM\
install.sharedir BASEDIR C:\GARM\
install.bindir BASEDIR C:\GARM\
install.libdir BASEDIR C:\GARM\
The complete set of properties used in the install process is given below:
Property NameSignificance
install.vardir The directory to use for volatile data.
install.sharedir The directory to use for nonvolatile data
install.libdir The directory to use for libraries (JARs)
install.bindir The directory to use for the executable wrapper files
install.prefix The prefix to be used to generate directory names
install.basedir The base directory to use as explained above
version The version of GARM that is being built, used to name JAR
build.dest Where class files will be compiled to before being JARed
src.dir The directory the source files are in
debug Whether to build GARM with debugging symbols
deprecation Whether the build process should warn about deprecated methods
libs.dir Where to find the third party JARs bundled with GARM
wrapper.dir Where to create the GARM wrapper scripts
template.dir Where GARM's WSDD template files are
build.jar Where the GARM JAR should be created prior to installation