Class StandaloneContainerBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class StandaloneContainerBuilder
extends java.lang.Object
implements CollectionBuilder

This collection builder creates collections based on a standalone container of the type supplied with the Globus toolkit.

Constructor Summary
StandaloneContainerBuilder(boolean dependencyCheck, boolean rollback, Policy overwritePolicy)
Method Summary
 FileCollection createCollection(java.lang.String identifier, PersistenceMechanism store)
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Constructor Detail


public StandaloneContainerBuilder(boolean dependencyCheck,
                                  boolean rollback,
                                  Policy overwritePolicy)
dependencyCheck - determines if a dependency layer is needed
rollback - determines if a history layer is needed
overwritePolicy - is the policy to be applied to clashes
Method Detail


public FileCollection createCollection(java.lang.String identifier,
                                       PersistenceMechanism store)
Specified by:
createCollection in interface CollectionBuilder
identifier - is the specifier for this collection
store - is the persistence mechanism to retrieve metadata from