Interface Summary
ArchiveMaker An archive maker is an object capable of turning a file into an Archive object, dependent upon the type of the file

Class Summary
Archive An archive is a concrete collection which is immutable.
ArchiveMakerImp This class provides a basic implementation of the ArchiveMaker interface, offering only the GAR archives currently in use (that is ZIP compression, extension .gar)
ConcreteCollection A concrete collection typically represents the bottom of a FileCollection layering.
ConcreteVFile A concrete VFile is one which represents an actual file and is responsible for streaming it from some medium upon request.
DependentCollection A dependent collection is a meta collection which stores dependency information for the layers below it.
Descriptor This class represents a .garx descriptor of a remote archive.
Directory A directory is a file collection created at initialisation time from a directory on the locally visible filesystem
GeneratedCollection A generated collection is one which catches some files deployed into it, and uses them to generate other files which it passes down.
HistoryCollection A history collection stores information about which sources have provided a given vfile in the underlying collection layers, and provides a means to rollback state after failed installed.
LayoutCollection A layout collection classifies an underlying raw (untyped) collection according to its file layout.
MetaCollection A meta collection does not provide any different files than the layers below it, instead it stores properties of the lower level collection.
MetaVFile A meta vfile encapsulates another vfile, but adds additional information to it that is only meaningful within its own layer.
PolicyCollection A policy collection is a meta layer that will block file additions if they conflict with the supplied policy
RemoteArchive A remote archive represents an archive that is not physically available on the local machine by default.
ZIPArchive A ZIP archive is an archive managing ZIP compressed files.