Related Material

Low-level Configuration

LCFG LCFG is a tool for automatic configuration management developed at the University of Edinburgh.
BCFG BCFG is a tool for automatic cluster management developed at Argonne National Laboratories
Quattor Quattor was developed by work package 4 of the European DataGrid to perform centralised fabric management.
Cfengine Cfengine is a widely used low level configuration tool for Unix and Windows, developed by Mark Burgess

User-level Configuration

SoftEnv SoftEnv is a tool for creating a UNIX user's environment from a list of desired packages, created by Remy Evard.
Modules Modules is a system for managing user environments developed by John Furlani


UML User Mode Linux is an open source project to run a virtualised linux node on a variety of hosts.
UDC HP's Utility Datacenter provides network level virtualisation.
VMWare VMWare offers a range of commercial virtualisation tools.
Xen Xen is a new, entirely virtualised, platform, that is often faster than traditional approaches.

Grid Services

The Globus Project The Globus project developed OGSI
The CDDLM Working Group The configuration and fabric management working group of the GGF is working in a similar area to this project.

Manageability Services for Linux Manageability services for Linux are an early attempt to expose system configuration through grid services