Machine Learning for Embedded Programs Optimisation


A Beginner's Guide To Milepost:

For those of you who have little knowledge about compiler technology, the following FAQs will hopefully help you to understand the idea behind the Milepost project.

Q1. What is the Milepost project aim?
Q2. Why is the research important?
Q3. What is meant by machine learning?
Q4. What is the role played by machine learning?
Q5. What is a compiler?
Q6. What is a platform?
Q7. What is a processor?
Q8. What’s meant by modular and extensible?
Q9. What is meant by “reconfigurable heterogeneous” in terms of embedded processors?
Q10. What is meant by an embedded processor?
Q11. What is meant by optimisation?
Q12. What is meant by a heuristic?
Q13. What do each of the partners do?
Q14. What is a benchmark?
Q15. What is a SIMD unit?