The Committee

The Language at Edinburgh Lunch is organised by a small committee of postgraduates, from various departments involved in language research. We aim to work together to ensure maximum participation from all academic areas and maintain an unbiased focus to the Lunch. If you would like to present at the Lunch or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

The 2017/2018 committee is:
Joachim Fainberg CSTR, ILCC, Informatics
Andres Karjus PPLS
Madeleine Long PPLS (LEL)
Candice Mathers PPLS
Joana Ribeiro ILCC, Informatics
Eva-Maria Schnelten PPLS

Previous Committees

The Language at Edinburgh Lunch was created in 2005/2006 by
Susannah Moat, Clare Huxley, Sabrina Hsueh, Robert Maier and Edoardo Zamuner.

2006/2007 committee members:
Philip Collard, Vera Demberg, Evia Kainada, Anna Leonard-Cook, Silke Scheible and Kate Thatcher.

2007/2008 committee members:
Silke Scheible, Sharon Givon, Karen Ludke, Helene Kreysa, Florence Bonacina and Francesca Filiaci

2008/2009 committee members:
Sharon Givon, Moreno Ignazio Coco, Lauren Stewart, Zeynep Ilkin and Adachi Chie

2009/2010 committee members:
Trevor Fountain, Sasa Petrovic, Paul Brocklehurst, Gary Cai and Jennifer Sullivan

2010/2011 committee members:
John Pate, Christos Christodoulopoulos, Sean Roberts, and Takayuki Miura

2011/2012 committee members:
Mike Lewis, Diego Frassinelli, and Chiara Gambi

2012/2013 committee members:
Clare Llewellyn, Mariana Vega-Mendoza, Luke Shrimpton, and Carina Silberer

2013/2014 committee members:
Eugene Philalithis, Boyang Dou, Sam Miller, Bharat Ram Ambati

2014/2015 committee members:
Ellise Suffill, Lenore Cohen, Philip Gorinski, Herman Kamper

2015/2016 committee members:
Wenija Cai, Mirjam Eiswirth, Spandana Gella, Janie Sinclair

2016/2017 committee members:
Joachim Fainberg, Andres Karjus, Madeleine Long, Candice Mathers, Joana Ribeiro, Eva-Maria Schnelten