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  1. Periodic Reports:
    1. D7.4 Fish4Knowledge Year 1 Report (public portion)
    2. D7.5 Fish4Knowledge Year 2 Report (public portion)
    3. D7.6 Fish4Knowledge Year 3/Final Report (public portion)
    4. D7.7 First Semi-Annual Report (month 6)
    5. D7.8 Second Semi-Annual Report (month 18)
    6. D7.9 Third Semi-Annual Report (month 30)
    7. D7.10 Fish4Knowledge Annual Public Report (2010)
    8. D7.11 Fish4Knowledge Annual Public Report (2011)
    9. D7.12 Fish4Knowledge Annual Public Report (2012)
  2. Other Reports:
    1. D1.1 Fish Detection and Tracking
    2. D1.2 Fish and Environment Property Description
    3. D1.3 Fish clustering and recognition
    4. D2.1 User Information Needs
    5. D2.2 User Scenarios and Implementation Plan
    6. D2.3 Component-based prototypes and evaluation criteria with appendix
    7. D2.4 Advanced User Interface and component-based evaluation, with D2.4 Appendix I
    8. D2.5 UI components integrated into end-to-end system
    9. D3.1 Goal, Video Description and Capability Ontologies and Process Library
    10. D3.2 Process Planning and Composition
    11. D3.4 Interfacing with FAO Ontologies
    12. D4.1 Video and RDF Store, plus access
    13. D4.2 Workflow Computational Platform
    14. D4.3 Process Execution
    15. D5.1 Component Interface and Integration Plan
    16. D5.2 RDF/RDMS Datastore Definition
    17. D5.3 Scientific Question and Experiment Plan
    18. D5.4 Experimental evaluation report 1
    19. D5.5 Experimental evaluation report 2
    20. D5.6 Video Ground Truth Generation
    21. D6.1 Project web site and data repository
    22. D6.2 International Scientific Workshop 1
    23. D6.3 International Scientific Workshop 2
    24. D6.4 International Scientific Workshop 3
    25. D6.5 Joint biological and ICT workshop
    26. D6.6 Public Query Interface
    27. D6.7 Press Release
    28. D6.8 Public deposit of software
    29. D7.3 Project Fact Sheet
    30. VIGTA 2012 International Scientific Workshop